Pros and Cons of Living in Crestview: A Resident’s Perspective


Are you considering a move to Crestview, Florida? With any new location, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision about your next home. To help you with your decision-making process, we’ve gathered insights from locals and added our own perspective on living in Crestview.

The Pros:

  1. Community Spirit: Crestview residents pride themselves on their strong sense of community. The residents are known for helping one another, whether it’s lending a hand to move furniture or assisting with a flat tire. This supportive environment fosters a welcoming and neighborly atmosphere.
  2. Small Town Feel: Crestview offers the charm of a small town where you’re likely to bump into familiar faces at the grocery store or gas station. This sense of familiarity can be comforting for many and creates a tight-knit community.
  3. Central Location: Crestview is strategically located between Pensacola and Panama City Beach, making it easy to access a variety of nearby destinations. Whether you want to explore Biloxi, Atlanta, or even Orlando, you’ll find Crestview at the center of these options.
  4. Family-Friendly: Many residents find Crestview to be an excellent place to raise a family. The city has various family-oriented communities, and the strong sense of community adds to the appeal.
  5. Quiet and Private: Crestview is known for offering residents space and privacy. Unlike densely populated urban areas, you’ll have room to breathe and find homes with more distance between them.
  6. Outdoor Activities: If you love the outdoors, you’ll appreciate Crestview’s access to nature. The city boasts several parks, including a well-regarded skate park, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Cons:

  1. Traffic: The most significant complaint from residents is traffic, particularly during rush hours. Certain areas, like PJ Adams and Interstate 85, can get congested, causing delays. Plan your daily commute accordingly.
  2. Limited Dining and Entertainment Options: Crestview has limited dining and entertainment options compared to nearby cities. While some local restaurants offer unique experiences, you may find yourself traveling to other cities for a broader selection.
  3. Congestion: Some residents find Crestview to be congested or densely populated, especially compared to smaller towns. It’s all relative, and your experience will depend on your background.
  4. Negativity Online: A small but vocal portion of the Crestview community can be negative or critical, often expressing their opinions on social media. However, many more positive and supportive individuals balance this out.
  5. Irresponsible Pet Owners: Some residents have reported issues with irresponsible pet owners, leading to incidents of animals wandering the streets. While not a widespread problem, it’s worth being aware of.
  6. Road Construction: Crestview often has ongoing road construction projects, which can be frustrating for residents who must navigate these areas daily.
  7. Limited Internet Options: Crestview has limited internet service providers, so you might have fewer options for high-speed internet.
  8. Homelessness and Drugs: Like many cities, Crestview faces challenges related to homelessness and drug-related issues. However, community organizations work to address these concerns.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Some residents find the local traffic to be a relief compared to larger cities like Atlanta.
  • Opinions about the climate in Crestview vary, with some enjoying it, while others may find it unfavorable.
  • A few residents believe that Crestview offers little to do, but this can be either a positive or negative aspect depending on personal preferences.
  • Housing in Crestview tends to be more affordable than in neighboring cities.

In conclusion, Crestview offers a unique and community-focused living experience. While it may not have all the amenities of larger cities, its affordability and close-knit community make it an attractive option for many. Ultimately, your decision to move to Crestview will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. If you’re considering a move to the area, reach out to local experts for guidance, and they’ll help you find your dream home in this charming Florida town.

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